Emmanuel Macron bans RT, Sputnik from covering his campaign

Emmanuel Macron bans RT, Sputnik from covering his campaign
(Image: Screen grab of France 24 video, YouTube)

[Ed. – Boy, does that tell you everything you need to know.  Of course RT and Sputnik are mouthpieces of their (Russian) government.  But so is every media outlet from China, Iran, and Turkey.  Are they banned too?  Merely allowing biased news outlets to cover your political campaign isn’t “helping” them wage a winning propaganda war.  All the other media outlets are there too, to provide balance.  It’s not like RT and Sputnik would somehow be “enabled” to make “fake news” triumphant in France, simply by being admitted to the campaign.  Clearly, they’re just being punished.  If you want to know if Macron is a creature of Soros money, we just found a big clue.]

Russia has accused French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron of discriminating against its media organisations after the centrist’s campaign banned Russian news outlets from his events.

The campaign confirmed this week it had denied Sputnik and RT TV media access to Macron. The campaign described the Russian state-funded news outlets as “two-headed” entities which promote Russian propaganda and fake news.

A Macron spokesperson said those organisations have a “systematic desire to issue fake news and false information” amid a flurry of accusations by the Macron camp it had been the target of cyber-attacks experts believe are linked to Russian hackers. …

RT and Sputnik had been accused in February by Richard Ferrand, Macron’s En Marche! campaign secretary-general, of disseminating “fake news” in order to swing popular opinion against the leading candidate.

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