U.S. military spokesman: ISIS used mustard agent against Iraqi troops

U.S. military spokesman: ISIS used mustard agent against Iraqi troops
(Image via Tea Party Tribune)

[Ed. – See here for a tutorial on mustard agent — which technically is not “mustard gas” because in its weaponized form, it is a liquid.  Fortunately, ISIS doesn’t have the capability to employ it very effectively.  Not at the moment, anyway.]

Last week, a U.S. military spokesman said ISIS “used chemicals in the vicinity of Mosul” in an attack on Iraqi Security Forces. U.S. and Australian advisers were nearby and uninjured.

At a news conference on Wednesday, U.S. Air Force Col. John Dorrian, the coalition spokesman, identified the chemical used in the attack:

“Well, coalition forces became aware of a chemical attack. They left the area. They donned their equipment. Where they were tested, none of them showed any negative effects from being in that area,” Dorrian said.

“As far as the types of materials that the enemy used — they have low-grade capabilities and that is representative of chlorine and mustard agent. Sometimes I see that reported as mustard gas. That’s not correct. It’s mustard agent.

“So, it dispersed into a very small area, whenever these munitions go off. These munitions are not especially effective about anything except creating a public narrative. So, they’re not as effective even as explosive rounds, but you know, they do get some attention.”

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