Russian naval surveillance ship collides with freighter, sinks in Black Sea

Russian naval surveillance ship collides with freighter, sinks in Black Sea
Oops. Russian AGI Liman, top (Image: Russian navy); Togo-flagged livestock carrier Youzarsif H, bottom (Image: Nejem Marine Services)

[Ed. – Yeah, it could happen.  Nothing that looks illegitimate about this.  The Russian ship, Moma-class AGI Liman, was commissioned in 1970, and was a refitted former oceanographic research ship.  The freighter hull, under Togolese flag, had a dodgy history but was given a major overhaul in 2013 and is now a very pretty livestock carrier under charter to a legit business, Hammami Livestock, out of Lebanon.  Heavy fog is blamed; the collision was just northeast of the Bosphorus Strait, in the always congested traffic channels.]

The Russian Defense Ministry said the collision occurred about 25 miles northwest of the Bosphorus Strait [ship tracking shows northeast] and left a hole in the hull of the Liman. The ministry statement, carried by Russian news agencies, said none of the crew members was hurt.

A Turkish coastal official told the Reuters news agency that almost 80 personnel from the Russian ship had been safely evacuated from the stricken vessel, which sunk near Bosphorus, Turkey.

Turkey’s state-run news agency said the prime minister had called his Russian counterpart to express his “sadness” over the collision. …

A shipping agent contacted by the Reuters news agency said the Togo-flagged freighter and the Russian warship collided in foggy conditions with poor visibility.

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