Feds: $100,000 is considered ‘low income’ in parts of San Francisco Bay Area

Feds: $100,000 is considered ‘low income’ in parts of San Francisco Bay Area
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New figures from the federal government finds in parts of the Bay Area, some people who bring in a six-figure income can be considered “low-income.”

Edward Apana of South San Francisco – married, with 2 children – says the cost of living in the Bay Area is a challenge. So to hear that six-figures is now considered “low income” is a bit shocking, but not that hard to believe.

“Between the two of us, we can still make San Francisco, San Mateo County home,” Apana told KPIX 5 “If one of us were to lose our job, it would be kind of tough.”

The new numbers come from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and specifically have to do with eligibility for government assistance for housing.

HUD says a family of four in San Francisco or San Mateo County with an income of 105,350 is now considered “low income.” For Alameda and Contra Costa County, $80,400 is considered low income.

“These are certainly dramatic numbers,” said Michael Bernick, former director of the state Employment Development Department.

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