Why Democrats are dropping more F-bombs than ever

Why Democrats are dropping more F-bombs than ever
Barack Obama, Thomas Perez (Image: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

The last few months have seen expletives ringing from large sections of the Democratic bench. In a New York Magazine profile this month, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) included one “f*ck,” two “f*cking”s, one “bullsh*t,” one “pissed off,” one “they suck,” and a “what the hell is going on?” DNC Chairman Tom Perez has awkwardly but assuredly brought profanity into his stump speeches, saying at a January DNC Future Forum, “if you don’t have the trust of the community, then you ain’t got sh*t,” and telling a New Jersey Working Families Alliance event in March that Republicans “don’t give a sh*t about people.” Kicking off an eight-state “Come Together and Fight Back” speaking tour alongside Senator Bernie Sanders in Portland, Maine last week, Perez turned to the president’s spending proposals—“They call it a ‘skinny budget.’ I call it a sh*tty budget.” By Thursday, the shop at Democrats.org was selling “Democrats give a sh*t about people” shirts.


A 2009 study noted that we swear almost as frequently as we use first person plural pronouns. A 2016 AP/NORC poll found that one in four American adults use the f-word daily, up from 15 percent 10 years ago. The number using it “several times a day” doubled.

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