Another Dem boards the Trump impeachment fantasy train

Another Dem boards the Trump impeachment fantasy train

Juan Williams, the media pundit who was welcomed by Fox News after NPR tossed him for too-conservative views — and who’s since been a true-blue voice for the left — joined in the growing-in-popularity Democratic Party slam of Donald Trump and trotted out the “I-word,” impeachment, to crow yes, indeed, it sure does look like the president’s headed toward that fall.

Could the left please, please, please get it in their heads that prosecution generally follows crime — not precedes it?

And that simply believing someone’s guilty of something is not, in fact, proof positive of guilt?

In a piece for The Hill, Williams penned this: “Liberal Democrats could yet see their dreams come true. Last week, a new poll from the liberal outfit Public Policy Polling asked Americans if President Trump should resign if evidence emerges that his campaign worked with Russia to help defeat Hillary Clinton. A majority, 53 percent, said he should resign. That is important because PPP also found that 44 percent of Americans already believe that Trump’s campaign did just that.”

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