Shame on Trump if he supports right-wing extremist Le Pen for French president

Shame on Trump if he supports right-wing extremist Le Pen for French president
Marine Le Pen (Image: YouTube screen grab via BBC News)

For the second time in recent weeks President Donald Trump has acted, alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin and ISIS terrorists, to help far-right National Front candidate Marine Le Pen become the next president of France in the election that begins with the critical first round of voting on Sunday.

After the terror attack in Paris on Thursday, Trump tweeted Friday morning that the terror attack would have a significant influence on the French election. This was widely viewed as Trump offering some form of tacit support for Le Pen, who was politically exploiting the terror attack at the very moment Trump was suggesting it would help her campaign.

Several weeks ago, Trump publicly insulted the city of Paris by saying that Paris is no longer Paris, in what was obviously a reference to Muslims living in the city. This comment from Trump created a firestorm in France and drew virtually unanimous condemnation across the spectrum of French opinion.

…Le Pen, who leads the far-right National Front Party in France … is aggressively anti-EU, hostile to NATO, against the euro and pro-Vladimir Putin.

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