Journalism professor: NRA more dangerous than ISIS

Journalism professor: NRA more dangerous than ISIS
George Kennedy (Image via Missourian)

What is it with “professors” these days?  In an unhinged rant published at the Missourian on Thursday, George Kennedy, a former managing editor at the Missourian and professor emeritus at the Missouri School of Journalism, argued that the NRA is more dangerous than ISIS, the radical terror group known for beheading everybody in its path.

After asking, “Which organization is more dangerous to Americans — ISIS or the NRA?” Kennedy wrote:

As you know, ISIS is the acronym for The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. It is a terrorist organization founded in 1999, headquartered in Syria and feared around the world.

The NRA is the acronym for the National Rifle Association, founded in 1871*, headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, and feared by politicians across America.

What makes ISIS so feared is its willingness to kill in pursuit of its goal of creating a fundamentalist caliphate.

What makes the NRA so feared is its willingness to spend heavily and campaign aggressively in pursuit of its goal of removing all restrictions on the possession and use of firearms just about anywhere by just about anyone.

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