The newest ‘privilege’ to guilt-trip over: Being ‘average’

The newest ‘privilege’ to guilt-trip over: Being ‘average’

[Ed. – Basketball centers, Women of Size, and people who don’t run faster than Oprah Winfrey need not apply, apparently.  I’m starting to suspect that none of this is actually about “justice.”]

In the first section, titled “The World Around You Was Designed for Your Body to Easily Access It,” Lays explains that people who are “physically average” get to do great things like “fit into seats on public transport.” And in another section, titled “A Variety of Products and Media Cater Specifically to Your Diverse Needs,” Lays talks about how truly privileged she is to be able to “easily find things in non-specialty shops that are branded ‘nude,’ which pretty much accurately represents [her] skin tone.”

The rest of her piece centers around the idea that “‘physically average’ looking people are not something to be shocked by when they go about their normal life.” …

“Being physically average means I’m almost never singled out for ‘security purposes,’” she continues. “Even though I spend the majority of my time outside my house pushing a double stroller – in which I could hide all sorts of things, even though in reality it’s stuffed with snacks, wet wipes, and nappies.”

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