The Nation magazine likens carbon dioxide to what?

The Nation magazine likens carbon dioxide to what?

[Ed. – Hyperbole much?]

Let’s go ahead and file this under “Things That Should Have Never Made It Past the Editor.”

The Nation published an article Tuesday that used the recent gas attacks in Syria, which claimed the lives of approximately 70 people, including children, as an excuse to attack President Donald Trump over the issue of climate change.

The article, titled “The Other Poison Gas Killing Syrians: Carbon Dioxide Emissions,” was written by University of Michigan professor Juan Cole.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is responsible for the deadly gas attack, according to U.S. officials. In retaliation for the murderous act, and as a warning, President Trump ordered a missile strike on a Syrian military installation.

The response from the White House is not good enough, Cole argued in an article that actually used the gas attack as an excuse to talk about climate change.

“If Trump and his cronies really cared about children killed by noxious gases, they wouldn’t be trying to spew ever more CO2 into the atmosphere,” the story begins.

It just gets worse from there.

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