Police say 8-year-old boy ‘person of interest’ in 1-year-old’s death at daycare

Police say 8-year-old boy ‘person of interest’ in 1-year-old’s death at daycare
Image: WOOD via CNN

An 8-year-old is suspected in the death of a 1-year-old boy who was left unsupervised in a home day care in Michigan.

Muskegon Police Chief Jeffrey Lewis said  the toddler’s body was found concealed Friday morning in a bedroom. He says the primary witness is only 5-years-old. He did not yet know a cause of death.

He said the 1-year-old had been crying and “the 8-year-old dealt with the baby crying.”

Bryanna Reasonover told WOOD-TV that she found her son’s body in a playpen when she went to pick up three children she had dropped off the previous night.

“I was about to head towards Korey and one of the ladies who worked at the daycare was like , ‘Oh Korey is knocked out. I changed his diaper he didn’t even wake up,'” said Reasonover.

The mother said there were bruises and bite marks on his face, fingers and stomach. She also said her son’s head was swollen.

“When I pick him up, his face tilts over and I’m like what’s all this on my babies face, what’s wrong with his face,” said Reasonover. “I’m like Korey, you know, wake up. I’m like my baby he’s not waking up.”

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