Now a beaver in Saskatchewan is ‘herding’ cattle

Now a beaver in Saskatchewan is ‘herding’ cattle
And a little beaver shall lead them. (Image: Screen grab of Adirenne Ivey video via CBC News)

[Ed. – The animals are acting weird.  We had our “prepper badger” in Utah, reported a couple of weeks ago after it had been observed burying a cow carcass many times its size in the ground, apparently as a really precautionary food supply.  Makes you wonder what that badger is expecting.  Now we’ve got cows in Canada being herded by a beaver.  Have the critters found meth or something?]

Saskatchewan rancher Adrienne Ivey may have heard of a beaver, but until now, had never seen a beaver herd — cattle, that is.

On Friday, Ivey and her husband were surprised to see 150 of their heifers crowded together in one of their pastures.

Curious about the strange behaviour, they investigated further, to find the herd of cattle following a beaver that had wandered along.

According to Ivey, heifers are more inquisitive than the average bovine, which may have led to them following the beaver. …

Ivey thought the odd event was even more notable considering the beaver is Canada’s national symbol.

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