Illegal charged with rape after impregnating pre-teen

Illegal charged with rape after impregnating pre-teen
Victor H. Estrada-Rosas. (Columbia PD mugshot via Breitbart TX)

[Ed. – This seems a bit culturally insensitive.  Girls are only due respect and encouragement when the men who owe it to them are, you know, of white European descent.  In that case, it’s a never-ending crisis.  Otherwise, getting all twisty-knickers over cultural diversity is imperialist.]

Authorities charged an illegal alien for first-degree statutory rape after he allegedly impregnated a now 13-year-old girl.

Law Enforcement officers responded to a call to Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Columbia, Missouri, on February 21 after a 13-year-old gave birth, according to KMIZ.

On March 10, authorities received a DNA sample from the suspected father, 30-year-old Victor H. Estrada-Rosas. The paternity test later confirmed that Estrada-Rosas was the father, according to local reports.

Authorities arrested Estrada-Rosas on April 14 following an arrest warrant for first-degree statutory rape.

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