Liberals complain that ‘mother of all bombs’ nickname is ‘sexist,’ ‘lethal patriarchy’

Liberals complain that ‘mother of all bombs’ nickname is ‘sexist,’ ‘lethal patriarchy’
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[Ed. – Mind(lessness) of a liberal]

The United States dropped a 22,000-pound bomb on Islamic State forces in Afghanistan Thursday, reportedly killing 36 ISIS fighters. The bomb was the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat.

The bomb, a Massive Ordinance Air Blast weapon, is often referred to as “MOAB.” The acronym led to its nickname “mother of all bombs.”

Liberals were quick tohash out their thoughts on social media, but one criticism of the day’s incident was particularly puzzling.

“MOAB is the epitome of lethal patriarchy,” one Twitter user said….

Others even singled out BBC News and asked them to stop using the term on their broadcast because it was offensive….

Liberal Twitter users were offended at the term for various reasons, one even asking the question, “Why isn’t it called the ‘father of all bombs?’”

The term “mother of all” has commonly been used for quite some time to indicate something is the biggest or the best, as pointed out by the Washington Post.

In fact, all the way back in 1991, New Zealand lawmakers nicknamed their budget “the mother of all budgets” because it drastically reduced spending and social welfare programs.

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