Elizabeth Warren answers a question no one has really asked

Elizabeth Warren answers a question no one has really asked
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An extremely large percentage of America’s 326.5 million citizens did not run for president last year. Only one of us non-candidates, however, decided to write a new book to explain why.

If you’re one of the many Americans who hadn’t thought to wonder why Elizabeth Warren did not run for president — or don’t really care — join the crowd. Warren’s new book about her non-candidacy comes out next week and would-be buyers are not yet lining up.

The book is heavily biographical, which means Warren is definitely running for the presidential nomination of what’s left of the Democrat Party in 2020. First, of course, she needs to win reelection next year in Massachusetts.

Warren is the darling of far-left Democrats, who are running the show way out there nowadays. The book and attendant publicity appearances will provide a bully pulpit to explain her progressive views publicly and more private opportunities to fundraise and meet and chat up donors in those same cities.

And the book will give MSNBC and CNN easy excuses to have her on many times to talk about it and to fret about the country’s endangered middle class.

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