Delta Airlines gives family $14,600 for being bumped off short flight

Delta Airlines gives family $14,600 for being bumped off short flight

Getting bumped from an overbooked flight can be inconvenient at best and absolute mayhem at worst, as United Airlines showed by dragging a screaming passenger from a plane. But for some travellers it can potentially mean big bucks.

Such was the case for veteran traveller and media commentator Laura Begley Bloom, who made a cool USD$11,000 (AUD$14,660) from volunteering to give up her family’s tickets on an overbooked flight from New York City to Florida last Friday.

“This weekend, my family and I profited from Delta’s travel woes — big time. We made $11k,” Ms Begley Bloom wrote for Forbes.

As a travel editor, Ms Begley Bloom admitted she had always “quietly scoffed” at travellers who would give up a seat on a flight in exchange for a voucher.

“Not my thing,” she said.

As you can probably guess, she is now a convert.

The saga unfolded at New York’s LaGuardia Airport after “epic” storm delays prompted Delta Airlines to offer money for volunteers to give up their tickets, with a whopping 60 standby passengers hoping to get a seat.

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