After a week as sanctuary city, Lansing, MI decides to back out

After a week as sanctuary city, Lansing, MI decides to back out
(Image via New Sanctuary Movement)

[Ed. – This is a defeat for the Soros-funded “Welcoming America” organization, which sponsors local activism to get cities to participate and call themselves “Welcoming Cities.”  Although Lansing didn’t repudiate that title, the city council also declined to reaffirm it.  The real reason for that is probably that they didn’t have the votes.]

The Lansing City Council backed out of its decision to declare itself a sanctuary city Wednesday evening, holding a vote to rescind the barely week-old resolution.

After hours of public comment, the council voted 5-2 to rescind the resolution containing a reference to sanctuary city passed April 3. Council member Jessica Yorko was not present for the vote.

The council members then decided not to take up a resolution reaffirming Lansing as a “Welcoming City” for immigrants.  …

[M]embers of the council were concerned adding “sanctuary city” to a resolution on immigration could negatively impact the city budget and could give people the wrong impression that the city of Lansing is offering protections it doesn’t currently have. …

Council member Jody Washington said the city council does not have the authority to declare Lansing a sanctuary city, adding that she didn’t think the city “could afford any more confusion” by reaffirming a “Welcoming City” status that was already on the books.

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