Unhinged journalist’s conspiracy: United debacle was staged to ‘distract’ from Trump?

Unhinged journalist’s conspiracy: United debacle was staged to ‘distract’ from Trump?
Images: YouTube screen grabs

Readers who haven’t recently ventured into the fever swamp known as the Los Angeles Times may have a hard time fathoming how utterly obsessed what used to the be the West Coast’s paper of record has become with the threat to civilization known as Donald Trump. Once one understands how bad things have gotten, it will be easy to believe that one of its columnists, a Pulitzer Prize winner, actually tweeted the following early Tuesday: “Just wondering: did Trump ask United CEO Oscar Munoz to distract the world from the White House follies today?”

It would be tempting to give tweeter Michael Hiltzik the benefit of the doubt for botched humor if it weren’t for his background combined with the series of screeds the Times recently presented on its editorial pages.

Looking first at the paper’s behavior, on April 2, the Times published the first of what ended up being a six-part series of editorials expressing almost every form of outrage imaginable at the Trump administration’s performance — after just over 70 days in office.

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