White House Correspondents Dinner to be hosted by comedian who called Trump ‘white ISIS’

White House Correspondents Dinner to be hosted by comedian who called Trump ‘white ISIS’
Destroyer of worlds? (Image via outsidethebeltway.com)

[Ed. – But it won’t matter, because without Trump there, no one’s going to watch the thing anyway.  That’s not a ratings or advertising issue, since it’s broadcast on C-SPAN.  But it will make a difference to advertising and sales for secondary coverage; e.g., clip segments on cable news and photo spreads in NYT and WaPo.  Maybe somebody can set something on fire, or whatever.]

Hasan Minhaj, the “Daily Show” comedian chosen to headline the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, called President Donald Trump a “racist Cheeto” while comparing Hillary Clinton to broccoli and a Toyota Camry at last year’s Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association dinner.

He has also launched plenty of barbs Trump’s way on “The Daily Show,” calling him the “white ISIS” or “WISIS” in a 2015 sketch and in January jokingly thanking Trump for his targeted travel ban because it made Muslims popular at U.S. airports for the first time. …

Members of the White House Correspondents Association, including its president, Jeff Mason of Reuters, have long acknowledged that it would be a tough job to find appropriate entertainment for this year’s annual dinner. With Trump’s entire White House staying away in protest, even mild jabs may feel gratuitous or unfair to Trump supporters watching on C-SPAN. But a mild, cautious performance could damage the dinner as well, making it seem boring and less of the see-and-be-seen event it’s been in recent years.

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