It’s Trump’s fault Democrats are cussing in public a lot

It’s Trump’s fault Democrats are cussing in public a lot

[Ed. – This is moronic.  Trump doesn’t curse much in public, didn’t during the campaign, and certainly didn’t unleash a wave of profane or obscene public speech.  What he did do is say politically incorrect things.  But he’s never gone around saying “f**k” and “sh**” all the time.  Note that the one Trump example used in the article was from an interview done more than 10 years ago, and contained a crass vulgarity, but not the kind of swear words a very FEW Democrats have taken to using in public, apparently to emphasize their indignation and political ardor.

[As usual, an article like this is not really about the Democrats.  It’s just a way to set up a baseless, impressionistic, negative theme about Trump.]

[A]fter voters rewarded Donald Trump despite – or perhaps because of – his plain, often expletive-prone rhetoric, Democrats are suddenly quite eager to adopt the language of America’s president.

From the party’s new chairman to a senator many believe will run for the White House in 2020, Democrats are letting loose four-letter words in public speeches and interviews, causing a small stir, at least in political circles, where swearing in public is usually off limits.

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“Republicans don’t give a sh*t about people,” Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez said last month…

“If we’re not helping people, we should go the f*ck home,” said Kirsten Gillibrand, a senator from New York who more than a few Democrats hope will challenge Trump for the presidency. Her uncensored declaration appeared in New York Magazine, which quoted her twice more using a curse word…

Swear words are hardly the stuff to get worked up about in a country grappling with serious, complicated problems at home and abroad. But behind the rhetoric is a real struggle for a party still trying to find its way in the aftermath of last year’s electoral catastrophe. In the age of Trump, party strategists wonder, do Democrats need to start talking in bolder, blunter terms to connect with voters – even if that means occasionally contributing to the swear jar?

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