Manual provides eco-terrorism tips on how to ‘make someone’s life hell’

Manual provides eco-terrorism tips on how to ‘make someone’s life hell’
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A new eco-terrorism manual has been published and is being sold online by Earth First! Journal, which calls itself “the voice of the radical environment movement.”

The new Direct Action Manual (3rd Edition) provides tips activism ranging from “soft pranks” to vandalism that will result in arrest:

“The DAM is almost 300 pages of diagrams, descriptions of techniques and a comprehensive overview of the role direct action plays in resistance—from planning an action, doing a soft blockade, putting up a treesit or executing a lockdown; to legal and prisoner support, direct action trainings, fun political pranks, and more. The DAM has been compiled and updated by frontline activists from around the US to help spread the knowledge and get these skills farther out in the world.”

Here are just some of the terrorist tips provided in the manual, according to

  • “The possibilities are really endless, and you should let your imagination run wild,”
  • “Slashed tires, paint stripper, and sand in the gas tank can certainly make them think twice,
  • “You’ll be sure to make someone’s life hell.”
  • “Fundraise ahead of time to put money aside for bail or bond.”

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