Trump EPA eyes eliminating Obama ozone rule

Trump EPA eyes eliminating Obama ozone rule
Not as stranded as previously indicated.

[Ed. – Getting rid of the rule would make the lawsuits against the rule moot.]

Justice Department attorneys are asking the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to delay oral arguments scheduled for later this month in a lawsuit challenging the Obama rule, while the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reviews the regulation and its position on it. …

Under the Obama administration, attorneys were defending the pollution rule against a coalition of business groups and conservative states, led by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The regulation lowered the allowable concentration of ozone to 70 parts per billion, from the previous 75. …

The Trump administration has not stated where it stands on the rule. But it is widely opposed by Republicans, the business community and fossil fuel interests, since states would likely have to crack down on fossil fuels to meet the stricter air quality standards.

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt was a leading challenger of the rule before his federal position, when he was Oklahoma’s attorney general.

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