Harvard to change historical anthem because ‘it’s no longer inclusive’

Harvard to change historical anthem because ‘it’s no longer inclusive’
Harvard Yard. (Image: Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons, Mancala)

The University of Harvard [sic] has announced plans to change the last line of its 181-year-old “Fair Harvard” hymn because some people feel it is insufficiently inclusive.

The “Fair Harvard” anthem, which has been sung since the mid-1800s, is used by all incoming and leaving students of Harvard at commencements and other major events. It’s known sometimes to bring its performers arm-in-arm in a show of solidarity.

On Wednesday, however, it was announced that the anthem will undergo a 21st century update to change its last line,”Till the stock of the Puritans die”, in order to reflect the modern times.

“We are looking for the best poetic expression that the Harvard community can offer,” Danielle S. Allen, a professor in the department of government, told the Boston Globe. “The only thing that is changing is that line.”

Professor Allen criticized the line, claiming that while the whole point of the song is to highlight the commitment to the pursuit of truth, the pay off suggests such a goal is linked only to one group rather than everybody.

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