It takes a Trump: Finally, America responds to Assad’s deadly regime

It takes a Trump: Finally, America responds to Assad’s deadly regime

President Trump made the right decision last night in firing a Tomahawk missile barrage against the Assad regime’s Shairat Air Base, from which a nerve gas attack gassing over 70 civilians to death was allegedly launched on Tuesday.

In using force rather wasting his breath on diplomatic condemnations Assad would surely ignore, Trump successfully met a simple but pressing challenge that Assad posed to him.

Only days before the nerve gas attack, State Department officials seemed to be walking back America’s commitment to removing Assad. Assad therefore apparently decided to test President Trump, saying in effect: How much will you let me get away with? Will you let me use nerve gas on civilians, even though I am not supposed to own any nerve gas?

If Trump’s answer to this question had been “Yes,” there would have been more nerve gas attacks like the one on Tuesday. The airstrikes last night therefore saved countless lives and were the first step toward correcting America’s shamefully lackluster policy toward Assad’s campaign of slaughter.

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