Obama program still active, sending USAID funds to Soros groups in Macedonia

Obama program still active, sending USAID funds to Soros groups in Macedonia
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Macedonia accomplished much of its steady growth and transformation into a free-market, business-friendly, pro-Western country through nonideological U.S. assistance channeled through USAID, which sent Macedonia anywhere between $11 million to $63 million per year since 2001, according to USAID data.

That is, it was nonideological until George Soros and Barack Obama entered the picture. Beginning in 2012, that financial support turned very ideological. The Obama administration began funneling U.S. aid that year to numerous George Soros-created Macedonian entities whose mothership was something called Foundation Open Society — Macedonia. The FOSM-affiliated subentities receiving U.S. tax dollars through USAID’s Civil Society Project are also closely tied to the main opposition political party in Macedonia, the country’s former Communists, now called SDSM. They have innocuous-sounding names, like Youth Educational Forum, Center for Civic Communication, and Reactor-Research in Action.

Yet beginning in 2015, these organizations’ methods of operation were anything but innocuous: protests by masked youths, rock-throwing at police officers, smashing windows of buildings, burning down government offices and other destruction of public property. Protesters proudly wear “Soros Army” t-shirts. They have translated Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals into Macedonian. …

Soros’s organizations in Macedonia, numbering perhaps as high as 61, are working now to align the forces of leftist mayhem with the historically volatile Albanian Muslim community of Macedonia, to wage a combined frontal assault on the conservative government. According to an American Spectator report, whose author consulted U.S. and Macedonian-based conservative analysts, “Our [American] foreign policy has destabilized the country and promoted Islamic extremism.”

In a conversation with me, senior Macedonian officials advised that the entire contingent of personnel at the U.S. mission in Skopje, from the ambassador on down, are hardcore leftists in the mold of Obama/Soros and are hell-bent on bringing down Macedonia’s conservative government.

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