Ivanka Trump thinks she is in Beauty and the Beast: more like Macbeth

Ivanka Trump thinks she is in Beauty and the Beast: more like Macbeth

You can’t have it both ways, Ivanka, especially now that you have new, embossed White House stationery with an official title, assistant to the president.

Drop the wink, wink, nod, nod pretence that you and Jared Kushner are “moderating influences” – where is the moderation?… Everyone knows you are your father’s most intimate adviser, in business and, no doubt, politics, too. The two of you bring nepotism to a new level, even surpassing JFK’s choice of Bobby for attorney general. Predictably, you are both already targets of myriad conflict-of-interest stories in the media.

The notion that you are a voice for women should have been voided during the good ol’ “grab them by the pussy” days of the campaign. Now, with your father’s defence of disgraced Fox host Bill O’Reilly as “a good person” who shouldn’t have spent $13m settling sexual misconduct lawsuits, you need to cut the con job.

Of course, you are not the only practitioner of pretend feminism in Washington, but you’ve played the pro-woman card more ostentatiously than anyone. At the GOP convention in Cleveland, you wowed everyone, even those “enemies of the people” in the news media, with your paean to working moms.

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