Fox drama implies everyone’s a racist

Fox drama implies everyone’s a racist
Image: MRC TV video screen grab via Fox

The writers of Shots Fired have created a world where racism is lurking under every rock. The third episode of Fox’s race-obsessed drama, “Hour Three: Somebody’s Son,” which aired April 5, was completely transparent in its attempts to persuade us that everything is about race.

DOJ Special Prosecutor Preston Terry (Stephan James) sets the tone for the episode when, while discussing Jesse Carr, the white, unarmed teenager shot by police, Terry remarks, “Let’s just say Jesse’s your typical kid today. Right, doesn’t see color, or at least, that’s what he thinks.” Because, of course, white people are all racist even if they don’t think they are.

The episode pointed out racism at every absurd turn. When the discovery is made that Jesse got into a physical altercation with a black student some time before his death, Prosecutor Terry learns that Jesse’s fraternity retaliated against him for making the whole frat “look like bitches” for “getting his ass kicked by a black guy.”

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