Psychologists now claim people are suffering PTSD from climate change

Psychologists now claim people are suffering PTSD from climate change

The American Psychological Association is now claiming people are now experiencing full-blown Post Traumatic Stress Disorder over climate change.

According to a lengthy new report, the APA claims that “mental health” should be included in discussions about climate change – apparently, because people are losing their minds due to the effects of global warming.

“[T]he psychological responses to climate change, such as conflict avoidance, fatalism, fear, helplessness, and resignation are growing,” the APA claims. “These responses are keeping us, and our nation, from properly addressing the core causes of and solutions for our changing climate, and from building and supporting psychological resiliency.”

It should be noted that the “report,” released in March, was co-authored with Climate for Health and ecoAmerica, two politically active groups whose bread and butter is the advancement of the green agenda. In fact, ecoAmerica’s website openly states it “builds institutional leadership, public support, and political will for climate solutions in the United States,” while Climate for Health publicly claims that “it is our responsibility to help the public prepare for the health risks posed by our changing climate.”

So basically, this report isn’t at all biased.

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