Only in Portlandia: Anarchist movement now has road repair auxiliary

Only in Portlandia: Anarchist movement now has road repair auxiliary
A side of politics with your freelance road repair. (Image: Social media via France24)

[Ed. – In terms of age-old questions, this probably wouldn’t have been at the top of my list.  But, you know, whatever, dudes.]

A self-styled anarchist group in Portland, Oregon, has put a middle finger up at authorities and begun to patch potholes. Portland Anarchist Road Care says that “state neglect has caused the streets to fall into disrepair”, and promises to take “the state of the roads of PDX into the hands of the people”.

Their Facebook page was launched at the end of February, after a bad winter in Portland that had left the city’s roads mottled with potholes. Authorities said that they had to wait for dry weather to repair them, but this group wasn’t willing to hang around and decided to take matters into their own hands. Members go out and use the method of “cold-patching” to fill in the holes in the roads, while wearing face masks, balaclavas, or bandannas.

The group is knowingly riffing on the age-old question asked of anti-government anarchists: “But who will build the roads?”

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