Bannon says report he threatened to quit is a ‘total lie’

Bannon says report he threatened to quit is a ‘total lie’
(Images: WaPo, Gil C/Shutterstock; Bannon, Fox News/YouTube)

[Ed. – Basically, every media theme about Bannon over the last year has been a total lie.  Why would this one be different?  If the media wrote lies about you every day, you’d look inconsistent and freaked out too, at least to the world of people who don’t know you personally.]

President Donald Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon denied on Thursday that he considered quitting his White House job following his removal from a key National Security Council committee.

It’s a ‘total lie,’ Bannon said, pushed by ‘Democrats getting crushed on policy.’

The former chairman of Breitbart News is seen as Trump’s populist-conservative confidant and a balance to more centrist Republicans in the White House. His absence would dramatically swing the Oval Office away from the base that elected him.

Asked-point blank if there is any chance he’s leaving the administration, Bannon replied: ‘Zero.’

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