Dick Durbin: Susan Rice was just ‘doing her job’ unmasking names

Dick Durbin: Susan Rice was just ‘doing her job’ unmasking names
Dick Durbin (Source: Poor Richards News)

[Ed. – The truth of that statement is more frightening that Durbin knows.]

Well Andrea, you’ve just completed this interview with Susan Rice where she said that didn’t happen. What she was doing was her job, trying to make certain that she understood the Russian involvement in our election, making certain that Americans who might have been tangentially part of any recording or any surveillance were protected unless they were a relevant part of the investigation. What I find interesting here is this fascination which the Republicans seem to have on leaks instead of substance. The substance is obvious, the intelligence community tells us the Russian government hacked into our election with an effort to try to change the results. We know that for a fact, and we know it from the open testimony of Jim Comey, the head of the FBI.

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