Not being attracted to someone is now ‘racism’ (and presumably other -isms as well)

Not being attracted to someone is now ‘racism’ (and presumably other -isms as well)

[Ed. – So what does it mean if I’m not attracted to Donald Trump?]

Everyone has preferences that catch our eye. Maybe you like redheads, or women who look like Beyonce, or both or neither. Having such preferences means you’re a human.

But if you don’t suppress these preferences, you’re a racist according to this Social Justice Warrior:

JC Brown, who grew up in the Philippines and relocated to New York in 2005 at the age of 21, is sharing his troubling encounters with casual racism and discrimination as he explores the online dating scene.

“I was talking to this guy and we were talking probably like a good hour,” Brown told I’m From Driftwood, a website dedicated to sharing personal video stories from LGBTI people.

“We traded pictures but usually we trade not face-first, you trade your body pictures,” he continued. “And then, I mean I looked light-skinned in that picture for some reason and so he just assumed I was kind of white. And then I said I was Asian.”

“He said, ‘Oh. Sorry buddy. You know, you seem to be a cool guy, but I’m not into Asians.’”

Um … that’s called a preference. For whatever reason, this guy wasn’t into Asian guys.

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