Germany: Bullying by Muslims forces Jewish student out of school

Germany: Bullying by Muslims forces Jewish student out of school
Salafists demonstrate in Cologne, Germany in 2012 - with stylized black flag identical to the one used by ISIS. (Image via

A Jewish student was the victim of verbal and physical assaults from Muslim classmates and has been forced to leave the school in what Jewish groups are calling “anti-Semitism of the evilest kind”.

The Central Council of Jews in Germany are demanding answers from school administrators in Berlin regarding the case of a 14-year-old Jewish boy who was severely bullied by Muslim students. President of the council Josef Schuster said: “If the reports are correct, this is a shattering event.” …

The parents of the victim say the school’s headmaster did not react fast enough to stop the assaults which were perpetrated by Turkish and Arab students. The attacks occurred at the Friedenauer Gemeinschafts school where an estimated 75 per cent of the students speak German as a second language. …

Aaron Eckstaedt, director of the Jewish Berlin Moses Mendelsson senior school, said he sees at least six to ten students per year who have transferred from other schools due to abuse from Muslim students.

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