MSNBC complains: Reporting on surveillance of Trump helps Russia ‘undermine our democracy’

MSNBC complains: Reporting on surveillance of Trump helps Russia ‘undermine our democracy’

[Ed. – Desperation makes people insane, apparently.  Note that MSNBC consults Clint Watts, an “expert” who relied heavily on the now-recanted CrowdStrike assessment of Russian state involvement in “hacking” the DNC — and who was also cited prominently in the initial, holed-filled “analyses” of “fake news” last fall.  Emphasis original.]

So desperate to discredit a bombshell Bloomberg report that former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice sought to unmask Trump transition officials caught up in intelligence surveillance, on Monday afternoon, MSNBC host Katy Tur outrageously suggested that simply reporting on the story was helping Russia “undermine our democratic institutions.” …

Moments after the conversation with [Eli Lake, who reported the Rice story for Bloomberg] concluded, Tur spoke to former FBI Special Agent Clint Watts and feared: “A story like we just saw in Bloomberg, and also the same story that was in the Pizzagate guy’s media blog post, do stories like that advance what Russia is trying to do in order to undermine our democratic institutions?”

Watts proclaimed: “Yeah, they’re ammunition for their system….it’s much more beneficial to them to take that which is already gaining traction, other false stories, and just reinject those into the system and audiences that they have the influence in.”

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