Al Gore has made another science fiction movie

Al Gore has made another science fiction movie
Image: YouTube screen grab (via Rappler)

A decade ago, Al Gore’s 2006 faux-umentary about climate change called “An Inconvenient Truth” won two Oscars. No, it wasn’t in the propaganda or fantasy category, though it should have been. It was filled with so many falsehoods that a British judge said it could not be shown to students unless it included a notice pointing out the errors.

A quick Google search shows there is no shortage of articles outlining the movie’s flaws and identifying Gore as the carnival huckster that he is.

Despite the problems with “An Inconvenient Truth,” Gore is back with “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,” scheduled to open this summer. No doubt the politically correct voters at the Academy will adore this one, too….

It gives them yet another reason to tell themselves that, yes, we are heroic people. The more rational among us call this virtue-signaling.

Some would justifiably wonder why Gore would make a sequel. Does he think that another round of junk science and Gore-ish hectoring will protect the world from the scourge he’s been nagging the public about for decades?

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