Kids want school to reinstate teacher suspended for sexy selfies

Kids want school to reinstate teacher suspended for sexy selfies
Lydia Ferguson (Image via Facebook)

[Ed. – Hmm, what could be on the little buggers’ minds?]

Lydia Ferguson said she stuck to a rule “that if my Granddad, bless his heart, would look at any of my pictures in disgust, then I would never post them.”

But a series of snaps resulted in Ferguson, 39, getting told off for being “sultry” and escorted from Ousedale School in Buckinghamshire, England.

The Mail Online reports that when a friend said they “loved” the pic, adding “so natural,” mom-of-three Ferguson replied: “I don’t think it’s seductive or inappropriate either.”

Pupils filmed Ferguson getting told off for being “sultry” and escorted from the school, and said they overheard her being dressed down.

A students’ petition called “Get Miss Ferguson Back” had more than 250 signatures last night with some of them coming from parents.

It accused the 2,000-pupil mixed school of being too prudish.

One youngster said: “There is nothing wrong with the photo at all.

“We think Miss looks lovely.”

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