Jean-Claude ‘Break up the USA’ Juncker, meet Rodrigo ‘Slap the EU’ Duterte

Jean-Claude ‘Break up the USA’ Juncker, meet Rodrigo ‘Slap the EU’ Duterte
Image: YouTube screen grab (via President Rody Duterte Videos)

[Ed. – Well.  That didn’t take long.  Mr. “Push Ohio and Texas out of the United States” has a new challenger, from the Philippines.  And they put up some pretty tough challengers from the Philippines.  Lay in your popcorn.  Big cinema ahead.]

Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte lashed out on Friday at European Union critics of his bloody anti-narcotics campaign, threatening to “slap” them.

It is the latest of the leader’s near-daily diatribe against the United States, EU and the United Nations while heaping praise on China and Russia.

“Come here and we will talk because I want to slap you,”

Duterte said in a speech during celebrations of Women’s Day at the presidential palace late on Friday.

Duterte scoffed at the bloc for recommending the Philippines build “clinics around like in other countries, and give shabu, cocaine and heroin like in Holland.”

The Southeast Asian leader lashed out on the EU last week for hypocrisy and called the bloc “sons of bitches” for recommending a rehabilitation-centered solution to the drugs problem.

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