Don’t count President Trump out just yet

Don’t count President Trump out just yet

It would be a big mistake to count President Trump out too soon. Although he has experienced a difficult two months, it is important to remember that other presidents have survived incredibly rocky starts and gone on to enjoy two-terms.

Without question, President Trump has been making an enormous number of serious mistakes and miscalculations. He has allowed his political capital to go out the window with sloppily crafted executive orders banning refugees, by badly mishandling the negotiations over repealing the Affordable Care Act, and by making almost no progress on the legislative front.

His wild tweets and irresponsible statements are contributing to his low national approval ratings (other presidents have had similarly low approval ratings). The courts and Congress have been able to check the President on several occasions, while a grassroots opposition movement called Indivisible succeeded at shaking legislators in both parties, forcing them to think twice about quickly throwing their support behind the President.

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