Pulling your hair back with bobby pins a certain way deemed ‘cultural appropriation’

An Instagram post showed Kim Kardashian with her hair pulled back into a bun using a headband of bobby pins – and the Internet is freaking out that it’s appropriating Caribbean culture.

Kardashian’s stylist, Chris Appleton, posted the photo on his account, and it didn’t take long for Instagram commenters to freak out, according to a post on the issue in Allure. (The comments seem to have since been deleted.)

Khalea Underwood, a columnist for Refinery29, also weighed in:

“I was a little bit stirred when Kim Kardashian’s glam squad posted her latest hairstyle a few days ago,” Underwood wrote. “It was one that a few Internet sites were quick to cover.”

“They called it ‘high fashion,’ ’edgy,’ and ‘pretty’ – and one even named it a ‘bobby pin headband,’” she continued. “Let’s make one thing clear: that’s a doobie wrap.”

A “doobie wrap,” Underwood explained, “is a protective style popular in the Caribbean and is worn to help maintain a blowout on textured or curly hair.”

“So what’s the problem? Like all cultural-appropriation issues, it’s about giving credit where credit is due,” Underwood stated.

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