Poll: 63% of Americans say traditional news outlets report ‘fake news’

Poll: 63% of Americans say traditional news outlets report ‘fake news’
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[Ed. – That’s not an inconsequential percentage.  Of course, what is often meant by “fake news” is “a biased slant on the news,” which may take accurate nuggets and yet use them to leave misleading impressions.  That distinction is rarely made when the subject of “fake news” comes up.  But this Monmouth survey at least made an attempt to get at the distinction, by asking why respondents thought various outlets were reporting “fake news.”]

While most Americans say that both traditional and online media are reporting “fake news,” they’re more than twice as likely to attribute the falsehoods to deliberate deception rather than to incompetence, a new poll by Monmouth University reveals.

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of Americans say they’re either “regularly” (27%) or “occasionally” being fed fake news by traditional major TV and newspaper outlets.

Asked to cite the reason that these media report fake news, 39% say they do it “On purpose in order to push an agenda,” while only 17% say it is “By accident or because of poor fact checking.” Another 32% denied that traditional TV and newspaper media report fake news. …

By party, Democrats are much more trusting of both traditional and online media than are either Republicans or Independents. Half (50%) of Democrats say traditional major TV and newspaper outlines do not report fake news, compared to 29% of Independents and 15% of Republicans.

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