Emory prof: Little evidence microaggressions cause psychological harm

Emory prof: Little evidence microaggressions cause psychological harm
You say micro, I say macro. (Image via Legal Insurrection)

[Ed. – This dude is dangerous.  I’m surprised he still has his job.  Sure, he’s probably tenured, but can’t they, like plant some KKK videos on his computer or something?]

In a recently published study, Emory Professor Scott Lilienfeld argues that there is little evidence that microaggressions cause psychological harm.

Professor Lilienfeld argues in his study “Microaggressions: Strong Claims, Inadequate Evidence” that the recent spike in concern on college campuses over microaggressions may be based on a cultural phenomenon that carries little psychological evidence.

“The scientific status of the microaggression research program is far too preliminary to warrant its dissemination to real-world contexts,” Lilienfeld writes in his study.

Lilienfeld’s greatest concern about microaggressions rests in the nature of how they are reported. He claims that because “they are totally in the eye of the beholder,” anything can be labeled a microaggression.

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