Awesome: Middlebury College riot boosts Charles Murray sales into stratosphere

Awesome: Middlebury College riot boosts Charles Murray sales into stratosphere
Charles Murray (Image via Twitter)

[Ed. – Some of the best news I’ve seen all day.  One can take or leave Murray; he’s not a bogeyman, but I think it’s important to make moral choices that limit the significance of race-based social-science investigations (like his).  Letting statistics tell us what to expect of “the races,” and how to make policy on that basis, is a flawed concept a priori.  But I love that the thuggish rioting at Middlebury has simply boosted Murray’s fame and book sales.  Way to go, jackwagons.]

What these student activists may not have thought about is how few people actually knew who Charles Murray was before Middlebury. While The Bell Curve was certainly controversial, it first appeared over 20 years ago. He was anything but a household name, even among the libertarian/conservative crowd.

But due to the protests at Middlebury College, Murray’s 23-year-old book is rising on Amazon.

As of this writing, on Amazon the book is #1 in the demographics category, #3 in social science textbooks, and #5 in U.S. History textbooks.

Thanks to the protesters, Murray and his book are enjoying the positive side of the Streisand Effect.  By lamenting his invitations to speak on campuses, Murray — whose most recent book, 2015’s By The People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission, is only ranked 118,875 on Amazon — has been thrust back into prominence. Few had thought about Murray or The Bell Curve for years, but now he’s a current event.

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