Obama should make saving Chicago his pet project

Obama should make saving Chicago his pet project

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No one is better equipped to help Mayor Emanuel calm violence and polish up the ‘Jewel of the Midwest.’

Gang violence in Chicago is bad and getting worse. In 2016, 762 people were murdered and more than 4,300 people were shot in Barack Obama’s hometown. The gunplay hasn’t let up in 2017. Although Chicago’s violence has primarily been concentrated on the city’s South and West sides, the downtown area hasn’t been spared.

Mr. Obama, a South Side homeowner, should make reducing Chicago’s violence his first postpresidency project. He and Mayor Rahm Emanuel should form a citywide task force to find a way to stop the killing and start saving lives.

No one is better equipped than the former president to do this. Mr. Obama is extremely popular in Chicago’s black community and young gang members who have ignored all previous calls to put down their guns might actually listen to him. There may be as few as 2,000 individuals driving most of the violence. If they can be reached and redirected, the situation would change dramatically.

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