Guess whose fault it is that some LA schools will lose funds for being too ‘white’?

Guess whose fault it is that some LA schools will lose funds for being too ‘white’?

[Ed. – If you thought it was the fault of hyperactive judges issuing “integration” orders in the 1970s, think again.  It’s Trump’s fault.  See, people are scared to register as Hispanic now, which is what they should be doing if they’re from south of the border.  Even if they’re, well, white — as in mostly (or all) Caucasian, which many people from south of the border are.]

Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood is one of the schools expected to face budget cuts because the percentage of non-white students has fallen below 70 percent, the Los Angeles Daily News reported Monday. The cuts in funding could result in five teachers and one counselor being let go from the school, as well as the average class size increasing from 35 to 39 students.

The funding guideline comes from a 1978 Los Angeles Superior Court-ordered integration program…

Not all parents are convinced that the data on Walter Reed’s demographic change is accurate, however.

Carol Kiernan Convey, coordinator for the parent-teacher-student group Friends of Reed, believes the data is wrong. Convey claims she has heard from several mixed-ethnicity families that they identify as white on district documents. …

“They’re assuming that because you’re here in the United States, you put ‘white,'” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez also blamed the 2016 election, saying the Hispanic community is “fearful” since November so they are identifying as white on government documents.

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