London terrorist driven to murder by anti-black racism against him earlier in life

London terrorist driven to murder by anti-black racism against him earlier in life
Khalid Masood (Image via Daily Mail)

Khalid Masood may have been driven to murder by a deep-seated hatred of his treatment at the hands of ‘racist’ police, it was claimed last night.

Friends revealed that the 52-year-old Westminster killer had accused the authorities of ‘persecuting’ him while growing up as a young black man in the Home Counties.

They said he became increasingly bitter as his life spiralled into drink, drugs and petty crime despite being a promising school pupil.

His festering hatred only increased as he was repeatedly arrested while living in Tunbridge Wells and rural Sussex, leading to two prison sentences for violent assaults.

Mark Harman, 52, said Masood, then known as Adrian Ajao, was the victim of racist bullying at school and in his early adult life. The builder, who was a fellow pupil at Huntley School for Boys, said Masood got into a lot of fights because of the ‘colour of his skin’.

School friends said Masood was one of only two black boys at the school and remained in a tiny minority when living among oast houses in the picturesque countryside. Mr Harman said that when Masood went to court he believed he was wrongly found guilty by a judge who had ‘obviously taken the white person’s side’.

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