New hypothesis: Eating fruit gave us bigger brains, vaulted humans over lower animals

New hypothesis: Eating fruit gave us bigger brains, vaulted humans over lower animals
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[Ed. – With its connection to the most ancient of Biblical memes — alluded to in the media aids at the story — there is something very unsurprising about this new hypothesis coming along just at this time.  Note that the hypothesis doesn’t seem to account for why the bigger-brain primates would have PREFERRED fruit, to an extent that drove them to develop adaptive assets to favor it.]

Scientists have discovered a link between the amount of fruit eaten by primates and the size of their brains.

Previously it was thought that the larger brains of monkeys, apes and humans developed to cope with the complex social maneuverings required to successfully live in a group, a theory known as social brain hypothesis. …

But researchers at New York University believe primates and humans actually ate their way to a bigger, more complex brain. …

The researchers suggest that the bigger brains probably evolved to recall fruit locations, and work out new ways to extract flesh from tough skins. Fruits also contain for more energy than plants, giving brains a boost.

“Fruit is patchier in space and time in the environment, and the consumption of it often involves extraction from difficult-to-reach-places or protective skins,” said doctoral student Alex DeCasien, the lead author.

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