13 states file court brief supporting Trump’s immigration order

13 states file court brief supporting Trump’s immigration order
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[Ed. – If the briefs are composed well, they may indeed be of use.  Such briefs are not mere political rah-rah documents, but have to contain cogent legal arguments.]

Texas and a dozen other mostly Republican-led states are throwing their support behind the Trump administration’s temporary ban on new visas to people from six mostly Muslim nations.

President Donald Trump’s revised travel restrictions, now frozen by federal judges, are well within the authority granted to him by Congress and don’t discriminate based on religion, the states said in a court filing Monday. …

While Texas previously backed the president’s order to halt migration to the U.S. from Syria, Iran, Yemen and three other nations, this is the first time other states have come to the president’s legal defense. …

The revised 90-day ban on approving new visas was also barred, by federal judges in Maryland and Hawaii. A Virginia judge declined to do so.

The states said in their friend-of-the-court brief that Congress gave the president “sweeping” authority over immigration and that Trump’s order doesn’t violate constitutional guarantees of religious freedom.

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