For some reason, there’s a black-comedy film in which a pregnant woman is a psycho killer

For some reason, there’s a black-comedy film in which a pregnant woman is a psycho killer
Mom-to-be of the Year. (Image via Salon)

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As Ruth, the protagonist of Alice Lowe’s minimalist, grotesque horror-comedy “Prevenge,” tells herself in one scene, it was totally unnecessary to kill one of the people she has just killed. By all appearances he was a kind and lovely man; he had offered to make her dinner, empathized with her difficult personal situation and persuaded her to eat an anchovy. Indeed there had been an immediate connection between them, which is remarkable considering that Ruth is about eight months pregnant, profoundly insane and partway through a serial murder spree.

On the other hand, a little voice inside her says, his name was Josh. Ruth admits out loud that this is a problem: There was simply no way a guy named Josh wasn’t going to tell the police about the fact that she’d stabbed his roommate through the eye. So, yeah, it’s really too bad he had to die. “Little voice inside her” is not a metaphor, by the way; Ruth is committing these murders because her unborn baby insists upon it.

Ruth is played by Lowe, the writer and director of the film, who was herself pregnant when she made it. … “Prevenge” certainly isn’t to everyone’s taste, and Lowe is deeply uninterested in crafting a feminist manifesto or in offering Ruth some conventional form of redemption or transcendence.

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