Obama-backed group, meeting with big left-wing donors, to focus on redistricting effort

Obama-backed group, meeting with big left-wing donors, to focus on redistricting effort
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[Ed. – Obama will be involved in nearer-term efforts, of course.  But this one, which targets the period just after the 2020 census, is a reminder that Obama intends to work politics as a personal fight for the foreseeable future.  He may be jetting around from one tropical vacation site to another at the moment, but he has no intention of going away.]

A group backed by former President Barack Obama participated at a D.C. gathering of deep-pocketed progressive donors strategizing to “restore progressive government” and to ensure fair redistricting in upcoming years.

The gathering, hosted by the dark money Democracy Alliance network, is part of the network’s spring investment conference and national donor summit held in D.C to plot resistance against President Trump and Republicans.

The summit consists of numerous panels and discussions with key Democratic groups and players. Kelly Ward, the executive director of the Obama-linked National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) and former executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), appeared on a panel Thursday to discuss how progressive groups are “aligning their national plans with one another and in partnership with state donor alliances” for 2021 redistricting efforts. …

To Obama, the goal is personal. [Eric] Holder [who will chair the NDRC] described it as resentment the president holds towards Republican lawmakers for breaking up the Democrat supermajority in Congress and pushing back against his policies.

“The tasks that he had placed before him were made a lot more difficult, progress a lot more difficult, than it needed to be,” Holder said. “That’s because of the Congress that he had to deal with, which was a function of the 2010 redistricting effort.”

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