Moms sell ‘Barbie hijabs’ to teach inclusiveness: ‘They will grow into a kinder generation’

Moms sell ‘Barbie hijabs’ to teach inclusiveness: ‘They will grow into a kinder generation’
Image: Maranie Rae/For Good via TheBlaze

Three Pittsburgh-area mothers are launching their “Hello Hijab” effort on April 1, providing handmade hijabs for children’s dolls, including Barbie.

A hijab is a covering worn by some Muslim women in public.

Gisele Fetterman, Safaa Bokhari, and Kristen Michaels say they launched “Hello Hijab” to teach children about inclusiveness, which they hope will lead to a “kinder generation” in the future.

“They will see it as a kind memory from their playtime, and then they will grow into a kinder generation, being used to playing with dolls that look different to them,” Fetterman said in a video published by Ruptly TV.

The hijabs, which the women say will be “Barbie compatible,” will cost $6.

“Hello Hijab is made in Pittsburgh, with love,” say the women on a website promoting the project. “100% of proceeds support organizations that protect and honor our multicultural communities.”

Hello Hijab is a project of For Good PGH, a newly formed nonprofit organization. In an e-mail to The Blaze, the women said For Good PGH is a nonprofit corporation recognized by Pennsylvania but “still in the process of retaining our tax exempt status from the IRS.”

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